It’s the best part of the shirt! A dickey is a versatile article of clothing that, when worn under another layer, gives the impression of a full shirt – without adding unwanted bulk to your figure. 


Like a traditional shirt, a Le Cou dickey adds polish to your look and style to your wardrobe. But! - unlike a traditional shirt, a Le Cou dickey won’t add any unwanted bulk to your waist or arms. It won’t gap across your chest or mid-section, or bunch under a fitted sweater, or leave you feeling overheated. The Le Cou dickey is all of the look – and none of the bulk. The Le Cou Collection and Le Cou Editions are available in various styles, colors and prints – giving you options, options, options.


We do. A dickey is a dickey, like it or not! Although we considered a few other names from fashion history, ultimately we’re standing by the original name. Say it, and wear it, with pride!



Le Cou dickeys offer a better fit from the start. Gone are the days of one size fits all – a ‘size’ that left most women with collars that neither fit nor flatter. Available in XS/S, M/L and XL/2XL/1X, our dickeys accommodate a full range of body shapes and sizes. (Wondering what size you are? See our Size Chart.) Le Cou dickeys are designed to stay in place: with tailored front and back panels, and adjustable side straps, our shirts won't shift around your neck or pop out the back of your sweater. No one will know that  your Le Cou dickey isn’t a full shirt, and once you’ve worn it you won't either! Our mothers never had it so good. 


The Le Cou dickey is a wardrobe workhorse. Great Style: Effortlessly add dimension to your look by layering a dickey under your tried and true favorites. Inspire new combinations by pairing our modern and classic collars with unexpected pieces. Perfect Fit: For many of us, layering adds unwanted bulk and bunching – leaving some women feeling over-stuffed, over-heated and unattractive. No longer – Le Cou dickeys work with the body you have, full stop! Tré Comfort: With no restrictive arm holes, tight shoulder seams, or awkward gaps between buttons, our revolutionary little shirts deliver comfort without sacrifice. Value: Breathe new life into your basics and expand your wardrobe. Add two or three Le Cou dickeys – and all the options they offer – for the price of one finely tailored traditional shirt. It's a no-brainer, ladies. Made in the USA by a family-run company who've been around for the better part of a century. We think it'll be the best little shirt you never knew you needed. 


From menswear to womenswear, a brush with sartorial extinction and now appearing the fashion lexicon once again – this time to stay – the dickey’s history is long, and its reputation nothing if not colorful. Originally a false front for men’s tuxedos in the late 19th century, the dickey quickly made its way into women’s wardrobes as an article of clothing that lent an air of formality, frivolity, and at times modesty. An accent to femininity and a woman’s personal aesthetic, beautifully designed dickeys could be found in silks, linens, and cottons – their collars richly detailed with embroidery and lace.

World War I saw the rise of ‘pink-collar’ workers and with it a need for professional attire, which followed into the 20s and 30s as women, newly-endowed with the right to vote (le boom!) and empowered to work, sought options that would add style and versatility to working wardrobes. In the 1940s, dickeys were adopted as a basic a staple in the uniforms of Navy WAVE girls. Postwar 1950s, as women embraced sportswear, the dickey continued to be a go-to garment, one that didn’t restrict movement and was easy to keep looking sharp. Within the mod aesthetic of the 1960s, dickeys thrived among women and men – The Beatles even wore them on stage! As fashion aligned with the cultural and political attitudes of the time, the early 70s ushered in a shift from buttoned up to buttoned down. With looks that ranged from drapey bohemian to laid back casual to bras-off revolt, the dickey was without a place in this new woman’s world. By the 1980s, dickeys had become the bane of many a church-going child, and soon enough the much maligned polyester turtleneck dickey was all that was left of this long-time wardrobe hero. For the next thirty years the dickey would be all but forgotten, pushed to the back of the drawer... until now.

This revolutionary little shirt is back! Le Cou re-introduces the dickey as a beautiful, practical, contemporary wardrobe basic.


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