How a Radical Haircut Transformed My Style

"But as soon as I had left the salon, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to take that selfie. Although the cut was refined, it felt wildly off base with my overall style. Wearing a distressed Tupac tee, vintage jeans, and a giant shearling coat—a standard weekend ensemble—I resembled a 13-year-old boy with my new hairdo, rather than the pixie-haired 33-year-old gamine I had originally envisioned. I had to make haste to my favorite stores and find new clothing; I needed to soften my look entirely and elevate." – Marjon Carlos, vogue.com, December 2016

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 Le Cou Olympia dickey shirt pussy bow Essence Magazine, Menswear inspired accessories


Like A Boy: 9 Chic Menswear Pieces 

"Embrace your androgynous side with touches of menswear.– Joiee Thorp, Essence, January 2016

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Product of The Day 

"Must Have: Wear it under all your sweaters!"– Who What Wear

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Dickeys Down Under

"Dickeys have a funny name and a cute function as well: they’re little faux collars you can pop under your jumper for extra fancies, while maintaining the cosy comfort known only to those who aren’t wearing shirts. No boob-gape, no chunky sleeves, and no having to shop for a new size if you find yourself suddenly and dramatically pregnant. Hurrah! American pals Jessica Wingate and Elizabeth Azen Andia design and make a whole range of dickeys under their label Le Cou, and we have decided we are somewhat enamored with them.” Frankie Magazine, Issue 72, June 2016, Australia


Le Cou

"I have always wanted to be one of those girls who could pull off the layered look with a collared shirt under sweater, but I always find it to look too bulky ... They not only make a collared shirt version but a bunch of other really pretty and chic styles as well. I also love that when your body changes (pregnancy, post-partum, etc.), these pieces go with any other clothing you are wearing in whatever size you're wearing." – Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

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Dressing the Babe

"I'm a sucker for a pleated skirt—it adds so much movement and texture to the outfit. I also added in a dickey (when's the last time you've seen someone wear those?) to add a little extra softness and contrast around the neck of this floral blouse." – Joy Cho, Oh Joy!

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Eye See You

"Le Cou makes the most amazing dickie collars ever, you can dress up any outfit with them…" – Amy Roiland, A Fashion Nerd

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Attention Please! Le Cou Olympia dickey in White layered under a military-inspired jacket. Yes ma'am. Essence, January 2016.  


Real Simple 6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life Le Cou Dickey The Wakefield


6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life 

"Love the look of a collared shirt layered under a sweater, but can’t stand the extra bulk? May we suggest a dickey? Le Cou transforms the classic fashion accessory from frumpy to flattering with its crisp, luxe fabrics and feminine details, like ruffles and bows."–Liz Steelman, Real Simple

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Le Cou is the Fashion Dickey You Never Knew You Needed

"Now there is new kind of dickey—Le Cou—and it will surprise and delight you with its ability to totally change your preconceived ideas about what dickeys are and can be, and how they have subtle yet immense power to transform your most boring outfits into stunners that are much, much greater than the sum of their otherwise dull parts." – Natalie Rinn, Brooklyn Magazine

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Featured Project 

During our 28-day campaign on Kickstarter, Le Cou was selected by Kickstarter as the 'Featured Project' in the Fashion category.

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Staff Pick

During our 28-day campaign on Kickstarter, Le Cou received the Kickstarter 'Staff Pick' distinction. 

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On The Cover: Le Cou Miette silk dickey in Black layered under a dress! Pregnancy & Newborn, December 2016.


Q&A with Fashion Director Erin Sumwalt

Q: I love a layered look, but it always feels lumpy and uncomfortable. Any pointers?
A: Meet my new fashion staple – the dickey! Le Cou reintroduced this concept in high-end fabrics, and it’s amazing. Stick one under a sweater in it looks like you’ve layered without the bunched feeling an actual shirt gives you. They come in sizes XS-1X and in multiple styles and colors, so you’ll definitely find one that complements pieces that are already in your wardrobe.
— Erin Sumwalt, People Stylewatch, September 2016 



Figure Flattering, Versatile Little 'Shirt' Lets You Layer Clothes Comfortably

"For women who love layering, this little shirt is perfect for you. For most, you want the perfect collar, a crisp button-down and just the right amount of shirt peeking out from under your sweater or dress." – Yap Yen, DesignTaxi

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This Kickstarter Company Will Make It Easier to Layer Your Clothes

"You can add them to any sweater for that straight-off-the-runway touch […] it looks like dickeys are back in season.” – Corie Hengst, Brit+Co

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A Portland Company Revives the Dickey

"Ah, the dickey. It manages to be both a giggle-inducing piece of fashion history and a useful style aid. The faux shirt–that’s really just a collar and a bit of fabric to give the impression of a dress shirt–was a layering piece popularized in the 1800’s when folks dressed up. Dickey legend also says a little band called The Beatles were huge fans, so they could look proper in their suits, but stay much cooler for playing." – Eden Dawn, Portland Monthly

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