Podcast Picks: Lady Heroes

Posted on August 11 2016

When it comes to podcasts, we tend to just scroll through the unplayed episodes list, and pick one depending on the mood. But once in a while it's worth our time to look through the archives or revisit episodes we've heard before. For our first installment of  Podcast Picks, we thought we'd share a few of our favorites from the last year or so. 
1. #Girlboss Radio: Jenn Hyman, Co-founder & CEO Rent the Runway
Jean Hyman recognized the potential for the collaborative consumption early on, and she applied it to an unchartered, and unexpected, territory: Fashion. In this interview with Sophia Amoruso on #Girlboss Radio, Hyman shares some great insight about finance, frugality, fashion and how to get more out of 'No.'
Hyman says "When someone tells you no, you should be listening to why they are telling you no, and you should be asking a lot more questions," – and this is just one of the gems from the episode.  
2. Death, Sex & Money interview with Ellen Burstyn, Actor: Ellen Burstyn's Lessons on Survival
In her mid-20s Burstyn decided not to base her career on her looks, noting that her looks were her mother's, so she had to define other things that were her own. In this interview with Death, Sex & Money's Anna Sale, Burysten reflects on her personal relationships – marriage, adoption, texting with her granddaughter – and professional growth – she arrived in New York City with 25 cents and the intuition that she'd make it work. She also talks about 'shouldless days' - we all know we 'should' too much on ourselves, and it's not easy to cut out, so she permits herself shouldless days where she spares herself the self-imposed sense of obligation. Brilliant. And, in a brief follow-up to the interview, she says "I think of myself as a work in progress." At age 81, she's a person still in process. Brava!
Sallie Krawcheck has set out to financially empower women, getting us invested in our bigger goals. She's identified what she calls the "gender investment gap" – recognizing that as females, we typically invest far less of our earnings that our male counterparts, which ultimately leaves us less well-off, and with fewer options over the course of our lives. By educating women about this gap, and offering a product that is tailored to women, an extremely user-friendly website that's chock-full of information, Ellevest offers a solution that feels very within reach. In this interview, Krawcheck talks about her early days in the male-dominated finance industry, her rise to CEO of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, and how these experiences have shaped her goal to better the financial lives of women today. 
Lindsey Stanberry of Refinery 29 writes that Ellevest "speaks to women's unique financial needs." This Huffington Post article provides a great summary about financial planning specifically for women, and what it means to close the gender investment gap and why that gap exists. The article's author, Joanna Nowak notes, "Although women actually save more of their disposable income than men, they tend to invest less of it, leaving a lot of their money in cash or low-yield savings accounts. But when women put together personal plans to bridge the gender investment gap, it has dramatic, positive consequences for their financial lives." She also expertly debunks some of the negative stereotypes about women and finance. 
From the Ellevest site: Our mission is to close that gap by empowering women to take control of their investments. And, We’re not just “shrinking and pinking” an old investment model. We’ve built a whole new approach. Here's a specific example: "Women take more career breaks and deal with the gender pay gap. We help you invest to offset these losses." Yes! Thank you! I opened my Ellevest account last week, and I'm all fired up!

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