The Sunday Round-Up

Posted on February 28 2016

The stories we want to read Monday through Friday, but didn't get to until Sunday – all in one place! 

Headline of the Week: Lands' End Shoppers: Pro-Ugly Totes, Anti-Gloria Steinem

Let's get the bad news over with so we can get to the good stuff. You probably know by now that Lands' End publicly apologized for running an interview with Gloria Steinem in one of their recent catalogues. Yes, they apologized for running a conversation with a widely-respected famous feminist who has dedicated her adult life to women's rights and equality. The mind reels, no? So, we're sorry, but no more ugly pants. However, we do love a cheeky tote, so really the only justification for any future purchases from Land's End would be to get your hands on this tote – and certainly placing your custom monogram order would make them squirm over there at the Lands' End HQ. Remember when Lena Dunham interviewed Gloria Steinem back in October? Read that and you'll feel better. 



In The Prodigy, Jodie Foster interviews Saoirse Ronan this week for Interview Magazine. I love how she describes Ronan's character in The Grand Budapest Hotel: "the doomed baker-outlaw-romantic". (And, Ronan interviewed Foster for the same issue – Ronan is 21, Foster is 53 – how great is that?) Anyhow, a lot has been written lately about Ronan's Ireland / Brooklyn roots, and her recent return to Brooklyn, and her latest film, also and perhaps somewhat confusingly called, you guessed it, Brooklyn – as well as her upcoming Broadway role in The Crucible. Foster's conversation with 21-year-old Ronan touches on origins too, notably to the topic of Ronan's mother: "She's just everything. And not only because she's a wonderful person, but your parent is your first leader. Essentially, they're your first director. They're the first person you turn to, to know which is right and which is wrong." 

Now that we've seen the emerald green dress Ronan wore to the Oscars, we were inspired to dig a little deeper in Ronan's sartorial choices. Guess what we found? Saoirse Ronan knows a good collar. 


Clockwise from top left: Black collar with floral edge detail / Lace Collar, First Peek photo from The Crucible / Feathers! Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2014 / Mock neck, Grand Budapest Hotel premiere / Preppy & Plaid / Black fabric choker collar, T Magazine

Is it so wrong that we'd love to see Ronan pop a Wakefield in White under this collegiate look? 

Image credits: What appears to be a yearbook photo but was actually taken at Sundance in 2015 / Le Cou dickey: The Wakefield in White


I Like Your Half Bootie
on Oh Joy

... and I like to think that spring is just around the corner, even if it's not true. But a girl can dream and I'm dreaming about open shoes. See more cute boots here. 


Aidy Bryant
on The Coveteur


SNL's Aidy Bryant has a lot going for her: She'll make you laugh. She's got great style. She's hot hot hot in the media right about now. Check out The Coveteur for a peek inside Aidy's adorable Brooklyn apartment. 


Our New Favorite Instagram: 

Belgian photographer Acielle captures fashion weeks around the globe, and is a contributor for and the New York Times. Visit her website

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