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  • Podcast Picks: Lady Heroes

    Posted on August 11 2016

    When it comes to podcasts, we tend to just scroll through the unplayed episodes list, and pick one depending on the mood. But once in a while it's worth our time to look...

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  • Know Your Bows – Tails & Small Bow Tutorials VIDEO

    Posted on August 08 2016

    The Le Cou Olympia dickey is our sartorial chameleon – and your secret wardrobe weapon. One of the questions we get most is "Can you tell me how to tie my...

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  • Trompe l'Oiel

    Posted on July 11 2016

    These days at Le Cou we're taking less inspiration from the runway, and more from surrealist painters. You might even say (ok, it's a bit of a stretch) that we’re making  wearable...

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  • The Pussy Bow & The CEO

    Posted on June 18 2016

    Oxford shirts, dickeys, pants, brogues ... and the pussy bow. These basic staples of the modern working woman's wardrobe were once the domain of menswear – only. The pussy bow may have...

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  • The Sunday Round-Up

    Posted on February 28 2016

    The stories we want to read Monday through Friday, but didn't get to until Sunday – all in one place!  LESS UGLY PANTS MORE GLORIA STEINEMHeadline of the Week: Lands'...

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